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2 osoby z zespołu projektowego pracują przy komputerach nad szkoleniem e-learningowym na zamówienie

What we offer

We provide efficient and interactive digital learning in which we place business objectives in the foreground. We help in the preparation of various language versions of trainings, record narrations, adjust formats, enrich trainings with multimedia elements, training animations and interactive parts. Find out more about what we can offer your company and your e-learning team.
Adaptation of e-learning courses
Preparation of narration and animation
Implementation of custom e-learning courses
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3 osoby z zespołu projektowego pracują przy komputerach nad szkoleniem e-learningowym na zamówienie

Adaptation of e-learning courses

We prepare various language versions on the basis of a source e-learning course. At that time, we receive the file in the first language from the customer for editing. On this basis we prepare the course in the target language. We have experience in preparing one or multiple language versions. We’ve adapted courses prepared by our team, the customer’s team or other contractors. We work both in narrow scope when the translated content is provided by the customer and in wider scope when we handle the translation and narration recordings. We’ve delivered courses translated from English, German or Polish to Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Greek, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian or Korean.
export of the text from the source course
translation and proof-reading
narration recording with a native speaker
import of the translation to the course screens
import of the audio recordings in the second language
adjustment of the text format
sound and vision synchronisation
multimedia adjustment (clips, graphics, animations)
test, adjustments and publishing

Preparation of the interaction and animation

We prepare the components of the e-learning course. We create and edit the multimedia: illustrations, animations, videos or interactive elements: advanced interactive elements (e.g. embedded in Articulate Rise), minigames, etc. Before the development of the training, we analyse and consult the client on the scenario or brief, visual identification requirements, size, output format and source files. We are proactive throughout the whole process: we share ideas, suggest optimal solutions and test thoroughly before releasing the training to the client.
Designing the illustrations
Designing the animations
Designing the games
Videos editing
Adjustment to the client’s CI
Installing the subtitles
Clear communication throughout the realization
Thorough testing
Transfer of the source files

E-learning courses implementation

For our customers we mainly, provide complete training based on our concept and scenario. In accordance with our proprietary methodology, we focus on business objectives and the behaviour change of the participants. Alternatively, we execute projects in which we deal only with the graphic and technical work.  In both cases we focus on practical content through numerous exercises and drama. These are most often illustrated with animations. We also have experience in filming and video editing, in offices, shops or plants. We’ve also prepared multiple trainings in computer literacy at software and computer systems: in the form of instruction videos or simulations. We make sure every project is carried out efficiently and optimally. Our developers and project managers have extensive experience thanks to many years of work on projects with various scopes and in various technologies for a variety of customers.
Business objective oriented
Participant engaging
From concept to delivery
Agile project managing
Proactivity and partnership in projects
Clear communication throughout execution
Interactive screens
Practice-based stories displayed through animation
Language correctness

How do we cooperate?



We mainly use:
• Articulate Storyline 360
• Articulate Rise
• Vyond
• Adobe After Effect
• Active Presenter
• Final Cut Pro X


Project management

We work not only on implementation of training screens but directly with customers. They are mostly HR or L&D managers and specialists, but also field specialists (Subject Matter Experts) from finances institutions, retail chain, power companies and industry. Thanks to this we understand both the technical and business aspects of e-learning projects. Since 2019 we have been a turquoise organisation where self-discipline, cooperation and communication are the basis of the good management. We have worked out and applied many standards of project management. We apply them through:
• ClickUp
• Toggle
• Asana
• Sharepoint/OneDrive/Teams
In our projects, in which we support internal e-learning teams, we take into account the procedures and documents our client require.



The price of the course depends on the scope of the project. In the pricing we calculate:
• The time the training, animations or videos last,
• Work on the basis of procedures or systems of the customer (checklists, file exchange, communication, etc.),
• Translation, proof-reading, narration recording: language and who completes them,
• Graphics resources: ready-made or created from the scratch.
We prepare a thorough pricing (in EUR or USD) on the basis of the scenario, brief or a source file.

Additional materials to the pricing

Exemplary pricing: Implementation of an e-learning course designed completely in Articulate Storyline: 3,900 EUR
• Time span: 1h, on the basis of the client’s scenario (max. 25 pages in Word)
• Layouts and graphics preparation
• Preparation on max. 3 animations
• Implementation of interactive, static and quiz screens
• Tests
• Transfer of the source file
Preparation of a dedicated animation - #Preparation of 1 language version (e.g. CZ, SK, GR, etc.) on the basis of the source file #

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